Congress Divided Across Party Lines Over Who Is Displaying More Unity

A new one by yours truly over at The Huffington Post:

Republican Congressman Joe Wilson agrees that the Democratic initiative of mixed seating isn’t enough. He says that in light of the tragedy in Tucson, lawmakers need to diffuse their divisive rhetoric.

“Instead of shouting ‘you lie’ when the president addresses Obamacare,” said Wilson, “I will yell out something more sensitive like: ‘you articulate an unsubstantiated conclusion to a complicated issue to which I have a differing opinion and to which I want to find common ground.’

Sen. John McCain, who will be sitting with Democratic colleague Sen. Mark Udall on Tuesday, told Face the Nation that conservatives should not feel pressured to stand and cheer.

“When the president says something I disagree with, I plan on rising slightly out of my chair and tilting my torso forward at a 45 degree angle into a position that is neither standing or sitting. Instead of clapping, I’ll click my teeth together,” said McCain.

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