Robert Lanham is the Founding Editor of FREEwilliamsburg:

FREEwilliamsburg was established in 1999 by Robert Lanham, the founder, editor, and director of the site. FREEwilliamsburg was the first publication to cover the growing arts community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is the parent site of The Hipster Handbook. Since its inception as a Geocities site, the site has featured the writing and creative talent of dozens of individuals including Bret Nicely, Brian Ries, Lisa Baldini, Elizabeth Brady, Alexander Laurence, J. Stefan Cole, Dave Thomas, Cindy Price, and countless others and has featured interviews with artists and bands including Jonathan Lethem, The Flaming Lips, LCD Soundsystem, and Bret Easton Ellis. The website has been mentioned in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Slate, The New York Observer, among others, and was recently called “an essential New York blog” by New York magazine.