A very deck Veep


“Deck” got used on one of my favorite shows last night. My goofy contribution to pop culture has now been in The Sopranos and Veep. Very deck.

Vulture deemed it the “compliment of the episode:”

Dan to Catherine: “You’re hip! You’re deck! Deck’s a thing, right?”

A Few of My Favorite Things (In Brooklyn)

Time Out listed some of my favorite spots in Brooklyn in their latest issue:

“When I first moved to Brooklyn in 1996, I was two blocks away from the pier at India Street, which at the time was an abandoned lot with the best view you could possibly imagine of the New York skyline. I used to go there to write, because—besides the occasional homeless person or junkie—I’d have the view all to myself. At night, the pier at India Street has a similar view, and is generally just as empty. It makes me nostalgic for an era when North Brooklyn wasn’t a conveyer belt for the Sunday Styles section stories.” India St at Greenpoint Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

You can read them all at Time Out.

An Ode to Vinyl Siding in Williamsburg

The New York Times included a short quote by yours truly in this article on vinyl siding. And yes, I really do live in a pink building.

To Mr. Canfield, replacing vinyl siding that is in good shape, as some homebuyers do as soon as they have the deed, is like carelessly restoring antiques that came over on the Mayflower. He views vinyl siding facades as the key to preserving Williamsburg’s working-class traditions, which arguably has become its own facade.

“It’s not the most beautiful thing, but it’s real,” he said. “It’s authentic. It’s tied to the history of the neighborhood.”

In a neighborhood like Williamsburg where vinyl siding is as dominant as brownstone is in Park Slope and concrete is in Midtown, many residents are ready to fight with Mr. Canfield with equal passion. Real estate bloggers devote hours mercilessly photographing homes and posting online what they think are the most lowbrow examples. To the preservation-minded, vinyl siding and its close cousin, aluminum siding, are a hideous blot on the landscape.

“I can’t imagine anyone liking vinyl siding,” said Robert Lanham, who rents a floor in a Pepto-Bismol-colored vinyl-sided house in Williamsburg and praises neighbors who go back to wood. “If you have the means and time to get rid of it, I’m all for it,” said Mr. Lanham, author of “The Hipster Handbook.”

“Place-dropping” The Scary Nudists I Encountered In Tulum

Misty Harris included a quote from me in her latest trend piece on “place-dropping:

“The inevitable I-wanna-be-on-vacation factor makes the pretension harder to dismiss,” says Robert Lanham, bestselling author of three books on cultural foibles.
Lanham suggests the key to a successful place-drop is knowledge of which travel war-stories will help and which will hinder — something he carefully considered after stumbling upon a clothing-optional beach during a recent trip to Mexico.
“It’s not going to win me any favours to place-drop that ‘John Denver songs sure sound better when performed on a pan flute by leathery nudists in Tulum,’ ” says Lanham. “And yes, this happened.

Aforementioned, scary nudists after the jump. Too bad I don’t have video of them playing “Annie’s Song.”

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