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My favorite GWAR moment – the Joan Rivers appearance – RIP Oderus Urungus

Well this really sucks. Having grown up in Richmond, I’ll always have a fondness in my heart for GWAR.  John Campbell of Lamb of God sums it up nicely: “a new statue on Monument Avenue is in order.”  I briefly lived above Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie) in college and despite their reputation, he was a really sweet and (and oddly […]

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Your Phone Is Ruining You For Us

I find it impossible to write fiction that’s set after 2002. Not because I’m a Gen-Xer waxing nostalgic about relaxing to Morcheeba on a distastefully stained sofa I found partially torn apart by a dog in an alley. (Oh, the glamour.) It’s just that it’s inconceivable to depict contemporary times authentically without including interludes where characters stare at their cell […]

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The Times printed a 1000 word smear piece on de Blasio accusing him of being a thoughtful leader who listens to people

Given the Times‘ disappointing endorsement of Christine “no specific plan to require the richest New Yorkers to pay more in taxes” Quinn for mayor, this odd piece on de Blasio is hardly surprising. It’s central premise suggests that the mayor of New York can only govern adequately by being a narcissistic prick, like Bloomberg or Giuliani. The Times sums up […]

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Too Slack, Cynical, And Disaffected To Fight

Gawker day editor Alex Pareene has an hilarious rebuttal to my article posted on Radar. Here’s my favorite line: Years later, none of us are entirely sure why anyone claimed to enjoy the sounds Eddie Vedder makes. Perry Ferrell. Christ, what were drugs even made of in the 1990s? In my defense, I always fucking hated Pearl Jam and Jane’s […]

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Vote Obama

‘Cause Hillary sucks. She really does.

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