In Brief: White Baby Boomers who are obsessed with Native American culture
Gender: Male or Female
Population Size: Moderately rare
Habitat: West Coast, Southwest, Maine, Vermont
Hobbies: hosting drum circles, making chamomile tea, dancing with wolves
Favorite Books: "Boston Brahman by Birth, Apache by the Grace of God," The Dummies Guide to Turquoise and Basket Weaving
Idio Rank: 7.8
Cherohonkees are a special breed of New Age Baby Boomers who have a unique affinity for turquoise jewelry, wolves, and Native American culture. Most prefer living in the country or in close proximity to a liberal-minded town, that hasn't been spoiled by McDonald's, The Gap, Wal-Mart, and the other scourges of the white man.

Pale Face Guilt
Cherohonkees have a unique type of white guilt (usually associated with black slavery). They share the Native American's respect for Mother Earth and feel frustrated by the moral and spiritual shortcomings of their own people. Unable to identify with WASP culture and heritage, Cherohonkees have an inherent aversion to argyle sweaters, chipped beef, and khakis.

Keeping it Real
All Cherohonkees love nature and often develop leathery skin from spending too much time outdoors. A weathered appearance makes them feel like they're keeping it real. Plus, immersing oneself in nature makes it easier to seek the counsel of the Wind. Cherohonkees take pride in their ability to spot poison oak or the tracks of a deer, an animal whose relationship to the Shape-Shifting Stag Man has been well documented in Cherohonkee lore.

The Grounded Cherohonkee
Cherohonkees tend to seek out wisdom wherever they can find it and embrace any religion that mentions "grounding and centering," "gestating," or the "ebb and flow." The spiritual powers of Love, dreamcatchers, and "John Tesh Live at Redrocks" are transcendent.

The Life Journey
Cherohonkees consider life to be the Great Adventure and refer to their experiences as their "life journeys." Most enjoy writing and keep life journey notebooks in lieu of diaries. Though reading another's diary is always an invasion of privacy, reading a Cherohonkee's life journal can, according to mythology, unleash the fury of the Grass People.

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